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The racing genre on Android is quite a wide genre with tons of different sub-categories within it. Great graphics, easy controls, simple gameplay with tons of cars is all you need to make a racing game a blockbuster. While many of the racing games are very similar, some games are quite distinct from their own unique features. We have many great names under this category like Asphalt and NFS, but not all the smartphones are able to run them smoothly. They are quite big in size. Drag Racing is one such game which comes with a rather very small size with great graphics and good controls. This is all about Drag Racing mod, a mod for a great low in size Racing game on Android.

We have Drag Race games like this one. We have arcade racing games like Asphalt which have one of the best graphics of all games on Android. We also have just racing games like NFS or professional track racing games like CSR and many more. There is a wide variety in Racing games. While Drag Racing doesn’t provides top notch graphics like Asphalt, but it is very small in size with more easy to play gameplay.

Drag Racing

drag racing mod apk

Drag Racing game is quite a simple game. You don’t have to race all over the city. In Drag Racing, you race in short Drag races. The gameplay is very easy to follow. Graphics are also quite good for the size it is. There are 50+ total number of cars in the game. Some of them are unlocked while some you have to unlock while you proceed in the Game. You can have your dream game and race with it to win the races to prove who is the best drag racer.

Challenge players online in one to one races. You also have an option to race with 10 players in pro race mode. These all options make it a more compelling option. It is not just a drag racing game. It is more than that. You can compete, prove and enjoy this game.

Drag Racing mod apk

You have approx every luxury car that you want. You have Skyline GTR to Mustang. Whichever you think is here. Drive with any of them. Being a Drag Racing game you might be thinking it will be quite easy to win you just have to push up the acceleration to the max. But it is more than just that. You have to find the right balance between power and grip. Don’t push too early, don’t push so late that you lose. You have to find the perfect time to push the nitrous to get the best result.

Also, Drag Racing has the one feature that everyone wants. Yep, multiplayer. Multiplayer is available in Drag Racing, race with your friends on the tracks to prove who is the best of all. Play with 9 different players in real time challenges.



  •  Launch when the indicator on the dashboard turns blue or green.
  • If there is too much of wheelspin – watch the orange indicator.
  • Once you get hold of all this, work on your own winning strategy which suits you best to win.
  • Nitrous is best for cars with a lot of grips and are a bit of underpowered than others.
  • Timing is crucial.


Cars and upgrades

  • Always test drive the car before you buy it.
  • The more the cost of your car is, the more competition you will get.
  • Upgrades count in increasing cost of car and level.
  • Tuning of car doesn’t increase cost.
  • Keep the cost of your car under your level cap to your advantage.
  • Adjust gear ratios,  it is costly but it lets you achieve times that are impossible to stock settings.


 Game modes and winnings

  • Race against beginner or amateur to get quick cash.
  • RP is gained by defeating Bosses. Same goes for unlocking achievements.
  • Racing and Winning online brings up maximum cash.
  • To test yourself, race with Top Players.

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Drag Racing Money mod

All that you read was just about the normal game. Now let me tell you about the Drag Racing Mod. Basically, the game also has in-app purchases which are quite costly. For that, this mod is all that you need. Drag Racing Money Mod is the mod which will give you unlimited money in the game. And you will be able to buy anything you want in the game. You can unlock anything that you like to. Also, this mod is absolutely free of cost with no risk at all. There is just one file that you need to install that is the game apk itself and you are done.

Download Drag Racing Hack apk

  • Uninstall any previous version of the Drag Racing from your smartphone if exists.
  • Allow install from unknown resources from the settings menu.
  • Download Drag Racing mod apk from the Download button above.
  • Install it.
  • Enjoy.

I hope you must be very excited to enjoy the game now. The game is one small racing game with considerable mention to be a great game with low in size. It is just about 37MB. This mod will give you money to buy anything from within the game. It may not work on your smartphone if you have any anti virus running in the background. Also, if you like mod games, you can also download Lucky Patcher. By Lucky patcher, you can simply mod any app. There are tons of app that you can directly patch with it. You won’t have to find mod here and there. Just download it and get the modded apps.

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This was all about Drag Racing mod apk. It is absolutely free apk and thousands of people are using it. If you end up liking it, share it with your friends also, so they can enjoy this feature too. Also, check out our other mods and hack apks  to get best out of your favorite games.

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